Tuscany, an image of Italy in the world, is a land to live, impossible to tell; lands to embrace letting yourself be lulled by history, art, poetry, nature, immeasurable beauty. Our service agency was born with the aim of enhancing this wonderful creature alongside the traveler. A group of Tuscans proud of their land and at the same time a team of professionals in the hospitality and hospitality sector who do not understand the customer as a tourist, but as a real traveler.


About Us

Enjoy Tour Tuscany specializes in the organization of tourist services with a high-level service

About Us

Enjoy Tour Tuscany specializes in the organization of tourist services with a high-level service

About Us

Enjoy Tour Tuscany specializes in the organization of tourist services with a high-level service

About Us

Enjoy Tour Tuscany specializes in the organization of tourist services with a high-level service

Michele Bottoni

Digital consultant I deal with web marketing, with many years of experience in the tourism sector.

With the proposal of original solutions, made to measure and also outside the classic tourist circuits, we will make our guests live a unique experience, through the quality and sustainability of our services.

Jacopo Bandini

Graduated in 2001 in Natural Sciences, owner of agritourism and holiday homes, always a lover of eco-sustainable tourism and Tuscan cuisine at km 0.

The many experiences abroad have allowed me to acquire contacts with important non-European agencies, establishing a real relationship of trust.

Marco Sartini

Marco Sartini, owner of the homonymous company Sartini Autonoleggi has been present on the tourism market since 1992 with rental services with driver, car, minivan and GranTurismo bus;

I have instituted relationships of trust and collaboration with important European and non-European tour operators.

Massimiliano Galardi

IT expert and professional videographer for many years, a passion that over time I transformed into a job. I specialized and obtained my license for aerial photography with the drone.

Making high quality and quality videos for weddings, events, tourist videos is a goal that always accompanies me.


With Enjoy Tour Tuscany we provide our professionalism and competence to make your holiday unique and unforgettable.

About Us

Enjoy Tour Tuscany

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Tuscany.
We were born and raised in a territory that includes 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Pienza, the Val d’Orcia, Siena, San Gimignano, Florence with its Medicean villas, and Pisa.  Tuscany is the representation of Italy around the world, a place to enjoy, live and discover, and impossible to describe, full of history, art, poetry, nature and incomparable beauty. We created Enjoy Tour Tuscany with the aim of valuing our territory: we are a group of proud Italians and, especially, Tuscans, professionals in the tourism industry who do not see the tourist as such, but as a proper traveller instead.

From individuals to families, from big groups to smaller ones, we offer you all our knowledge of our region to let you live Tuscany as a friendly place, and not just a merging of cities, landscapes and museums.  The love for our region will be the main and most valuable service we will ever be able to offer you, and us being tuscans will be the key to a new, emotional and unique experience, a full immersion in the culture that made these places popular all over the world.  The millennial historical elements and effects are evident in the city centers, perfectly preserved exactly as they were hundreds of years ago, but also in the “Strade Bianche” (lit. White Roads) in the Val d’Orcia, with its unique landscape, and in the Via Francigena, the ancient road that allowed the connection between Western Europe and Rome/Southern Europe in older times; they are evident in the culinary tradition too, and especially in the winemaking sector, where Tuscany excels for its Chianti Classico and Brunello over others; there is a general feeling of belonging and community to our territory, passed down among generations and with traditions such as the Palio in Siena, the historic Florentine soccer in Florence or the Bravìo in Montepulciano.

Our hospitality services, created for a wider spread of our territory with its culture and traditions, provide guided tours, tastings and experiences, differently planned for every single customer depending on his needs; for example, kids will have dedicated tours along with their parents’, or sports passionates will be able to experience physical activities.
Tuscany is not just history and art, but also love for animals, and especially horses, which you will be able to ride on your way along the Via Francigena; it’s also an invite to your artistic expression, with tours in more secret places where to take amazing pictures or make your own artworks.
Therefore, Enjoy Tour Tuscany it’s not a travel agency: it is a reference point for those that want to distance from mass tourism, those who like customized experiences, those that would want to feel as real guests during their holiday.


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