Tuscany, an image of Italy in the world, is a land to live, impossible to tell; lands to embrace letting yourself be lulled by history, art, poetry, nature, immeasurable beauty. Our service agency was born with the aim of enhancing this wonderful creature alongside the traveler. A group of Tuscans proud of their land and at the same time a team of professionals in the hospitality and hospitality sector who do not understand the customer as a tourist, but as a real traveler.

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How many animals!

How many animals!

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per person

This fun tour is suitable for families with children who want to learn more about the Palio tradition by playing.

With the help of your guide, the children will be able to challenge each other to recognize the largest number of coats of arms of the districts, with their animals so different, from the Panther to the Caterpillar, passing from the Dragon to the Snail, the Porcupine and many others that you will discover. You will hear about rivalries and covenants, about how a horse is blessed in church or how long the celebrations of a victory last. Children can learn to play barberi, the typical Sienese game with wooden balls with the colors of the districts. From the inside you will see the fascinating world of the districts, you will visit the museum and the church of one of them, where real works of art are preserved together with relics related to the history of the Contrada, the drums, flags and cloths, won in the over the centuries. You will learn the importance of Siena’s baptism and where it takes place. Finally you will reach Piazza del Campo where your guide will reveal all the secrets and curiosities of the race.


Upon request

9,30 / 12:30

3 hours


The price includes

Local guide enabled;

Available languages: En, Fr, Esp, De, Pr, Br, Ru;

Visit to Mueseo and / or church of the district;

Visit to Piazza del Campo with explanations of the secrets of the Palio race;

The price does not include

Extra meals, tips and anything not mentioned in the words “The price includes”;


Guided Tour 8 people € 240.00

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